We are here to introduce new artists and showcase their passion for creativity and innovation in a collaborative environment. We hope that this event will inspire creativity throughout the community.


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Nathan Spotts is in the process of getting his Bachelor’s Degree in Photography from Academy of Art University.  He sees nature through different eyes, which hasn’t been distracted by the modern world.  For Spotts, there was never a choice in the matter, photography found him at a young age. His innate talent brought him to places while establishing his early bond with Mother Nature, the only place he truly finds peace.  Driven on this quest for the perfect shot is unending for him.  He travels the globe, driven by a vigorous determination to capture the beauty that he sees and his profound respect for nature.  He’s still unpredictable which makes his work even more beautiful and interesting.  He keeps his viewers on edge and always guessing what his new piece will be.

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Abigail and Debbie had met during their last year of law school that they realized that three years of being in that environment really took a toll in their creativity and sucked up a huge part of their souls.  In vowing to never let their day job take over their world, they decided to start MADE as a creative outlet.  Now a team of creative’s backs the two-woman show from communities from San Diego, Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay. 

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YAY! Hope you can all make it to Friday night’s official opening to the public (that’s you and you and you).  Starts at 7:00, wait for the full details!

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Here to Entertain and Deliver!

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